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You wake up early for work, you are always the first one to show up at the workplace, plus you accomplish all of your tasks in the office efficiently. You religiously follow this routine everyday until your best friend doc, from Texas rings you up and asks you to take off from work because he just got a note that he's engaged. What do you do? You have a monster for a boss and you know that he will not let you miss work even if it was just one day, even if you have a note from a doctor.

Well, the solution is very simple. You can call in sick and tell your boss that you have some contagious, debilitating disease but of course he will ask for a dr note. You succumb to a catatonic state because you know you cannot provide one because you are not really sick. Here?s where a fake doctor notes comes into play. Calling in sick is made easier with these simple steps to follow. One site we really like is this one.

If you are going to call in sick, you have to make sure that you have already preconditioned yourself for days (or even weeks) before the final date. You cannot just abruptly call in sick and tell your boss that you are down with some weird, rare disease when the other day you were beaming with energy.

You have to already give him the pretense that you are about to get sick. You can try to cough a little when he is near or you can try to let out a phony sneeze. Either way, you have to give him the impression that anytime soon, you are going to contract an illness that is strong enough to keep you away from work, even with a note.

You must never blow your cover.  Get a template from a doctor, right here.

There are times that we need to excuse ourselves from going to work or to school because of reasons that are important to us but not a big deal on others. We cant't just say that to them because they won't accept it, so what we really need to use is a free fake doctors note to help us in our ordeal.